Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pop the Hood

I rescued someone today. It was a typical Wednesday late afternoon moment. You know, the kind where I arrived 12 minutes late to pick up Trevor from soccer practice. The good thing about this, I thought, was that Trevor would be ready to go, waiting by the curb and I wouldn't have to leave the safe haven of my Yukon. He wasn't. So I found a treasured parking spot, sighed and stepped out to locate him. Just as I eyed him (still taking shots on goal as if in the middle of a self-appointed drill) a fellow soccer mom approached me. Did I have battery cables? Yes. AND a nifty little portable battery charger. I worked with her for 15 minutes or so. I figured it out. How to get the hood open. The placement of the batteries. Where to put the cables. She was able to turn the motor over and off she went. I don't know how she found herself in such a predicament. I don't know if it had happened before. I don't know if she will need assistance in the future. And since I have found myself in the same power-less situation, I could by no means judge her. All I could do was offer my limited knowledge and basic resources to help her immediate need. And that was enough... I have to trust that God will give each of us exactly what we need to address the spiritual needs of those He brings our way. We will have enough knowledge to answer the question that is posed (even if the answer is partial). Enough encouragement to bandage a bleeding wound. Enough silence to hear the whole story that needs to be told. It will not be enough to secure their eternity or repair all the damage from the past. But it will be enough for the moment.

And I am thankful for the rescuers God sends my way when I am broken down :)

"Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God" 2 Cor. 3:5

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gramma said...

What a blessing - you did it again!