Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Popcorn and Halos

I went to a movie outside at the park in our little town green square here in Windsor last week. It was a beautiful evening, the moon was gorgeous and full and the movie had only been running a few minutes when we found our way to a nice patch of grass with only a partially obstructed view. (I think one must have to arrive on time for the good seats. My kids don't know what good seats are so please don't tell them.) It was just Trevor and I and I have since determined that a date with a ten year old is a one of life's sweetest things. As we began to settle in, Trevor asked if he could go check on getting some popcorn. It was dark and there were a lot of people but I decided he was old enough to take this journey on his own. So I gave him a twenty dollar bill and instructions to get the proper change and come directly back. He was a gone a long time. Too long. I fretted and strained to catch a glimpse of him, thought through how in the world I would ever find him should he get lost, and just when I was about to call home for reinforcements, he reappeared...with his arms very full. He came bearing gifts: three bags of popcorn and two long glow sticks, which we proceeded to make into multi-colored halos. He had taken from the abundance I had given him and offered back to me treasures he had found. I did not need them but his thoughtfulness and desire to please me sure warmed my heart... How I long for the gifts I offer to my Heavenly Father to bring Him the same joy. I can only give back time, energy, financial resources, grace and forgiveness that He has poured out so abundantly upon me. I only have something to offer because my Father gave me everything. I think He reaches down, accepts them as treasures, and smiles.

"We love each other because he loved us first." I John 4:19

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gramma said...

Incredible object lesson! Aunt P.