Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blessings in the Dirt

I occasionally attempt to run for exercise. I went out yesterday, not expecting too much. I met those exact expectations; I was able to keep a decent pace for several minutes but then I lapsed into a semi-ambitious walk. I was weary, a bit discouraged, and kept my head down. Funny thing though, while focused on the ground an odd pink-peach little turtle caught my eye (turned out to be part of an earring). I picked it up and continued on. Not twenty steps later a second "treasure" appeared: A cheap faux jeweled ring. They rode in my pocket for the rest of the way home. Silly little trinkets that they are, they still reminded me of how often God meets me where I am. How many times I am walking this life with my eyes on the ground, weary, out of ideas, too tired too try any more. And how thankful I am that God doesn't always require my eyes to be lifted up to see His blessings. He is so gracious to send me tokens of His love just where I am looking. And when I see them, I remember I am not walking this journey alone.


Marcie said...

I "ran" again today, and returned with nothing...except an aching knee and this thought: Many days we must run by faith, remembering what God showed us yesterday, with the assurance that He is with us today and with the hope that He will indeed show up again tomorrow.

Mom said...

Hi, Sweet Marcie - Corinne just put your blog on my "favorites." I didn't even realize I could sign in to read your blog (you mentioned having it when we were camping, but I was oblivious about it - as I am about most everything "technological" - as you know!) Anyway, what I have read today is so insightful - seeing God in the "ordinary" things around us - I am going to enjoy returning to this site frequently. I am no longer "oblivious" to its existence. Thank you for sharing the thoughts God gives you with me and others. Love you, Mom